What does the PTA do?

The PTA Office and Shop

This fully staffed office, with two administration staff working each day, is the coordination and information centre for all aspects of PTA involvement and is always a point of contact for anyone seeking help or support. We handle all enquiries from students, parents and teachers alike. The PTA Office and PTA Shop are open during term time from 9 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday for parents and during break and lunch times for students. We now have an online ordering system for new uniforms and stationery – click here. In addition, we have a good stock of second hand uniform and IB/GCSE textbooks for sale.


The school buses are organized and provided by the PTA; with responsibility for planning the timetables and routes, issuing bus passes, negotiating with the bus company and with dealing problems or complaints.


The PTA uniform shop is responsible for all items of uniform including design, supply and sales. 

Books & Stationery

The PTA Bookshop provides all the stationery packs at the beginning of a school year setting up new students with all the essentials when joining their new tutor groups. It also ensures supplies are available throughout the school terms, from second hand text books, revision guides, exercise books to the basic items such as pens, pencils and rulers.  The PTA works closely with the Heads of the different Faculties within the school regarding the design of the exercise books and ensuring the bookshop carries the necessary supplies. 

Student Directory

A student directory is published every September and PTA members receive this along with a magnetic school calendar.


This online newsletter comes out five times a year and reports on PTA events and how the funding is allocated to benefit the school. 


This is an important function of the PTA. Fundraising ideas are generated by the PTA Committee – or from anyone involved with the school – and then volunteers are sought to bring the ideas to reality!

Traditionally we raise funds through catering at school events such as Comedy night, the Christmas Concert, Sports Day, Quiz Night and the School Fair, which is held in March and our primary fundraising event for the year.

The PTA has been proud to donate the following financial contributions to the school in recent years:

Year 2006/2007 – $500,000                Year 2007/2008 – $500,000                Year 2008/2009 – $625,000

Year 2009/2010 – $600,000                Year 2010/2011 – $600,000                Year 2011/2012 – $600,000

Year 2012/2013 – $600,000                Year 2013/2014 – $600,000                Year 2014/2015 – $400,000      

Year 2015/2016 – $600,000                Year 2016/2017 – $400,000             Year 2017/2018 $1,000,000

These funds are put towards enhancement of the School’s Development Programme and the Teachers’ Wish List which includes items that either fall outside budgets or that can add significantly to the ambience and well-being of the school.